Happy Tears


I had the pleasure of giving a charla (workshop) a few weeks ago with one of my counterparts to the new group of Peace Corps Trainees and their new counterparts they’d just met. The charla was about how we can work together as Native English Speaking Teachers (NESTS) and Non-Native English Speaking Teachers (NNESTS) to both be better teachers.  Peace Corps LOVES acronyms…can you tell?  haha!

At one point during the session, Ana Cecilia and I were to share our prepared remarks about what we’ve learned from each other these past two years and how working together has made us better teachers.  We practiced and had it all planned out…..until we both broke down crying trying to share in front of close to 60 people.  It was embarrassing.  It was heart-warming.

I’m not ready to say goodbye yet…and that hit me hard in the middle of this session.  I feel so lucky to have had the chance to get to work with amazing teachers like Ana Cecilia, and feel beyond honored to have her say that I have forever changed her teaching and her life for the better.

National English Singing Competition 2016

singing comp

This year, we had the honor of attending the National English Singing Competition with our school and one of our students who qualified for the competition.  There were 38 participants representing various departments and autonomous regions of the country.  While she didn’t place, Karen rocked it!  We’re super proud of her, our teachers, and our school.

National Treasures – The 50 Córdoba Bill

This is a post in our series On Culture and Currency: History Lessons in the Palms of our Hands.

Cañón de Somoto

Cañón de Somoto
Cañón de Somoto

The Somoto Canyon is one of the true treasures of Nicaragua. Only recently has this natural wonder been utilized as an eco-tourism destination, so it still feels off the beaten path. In the department of Madríz, in the northern most section of the country, the Rio Coco has formed this beautiful feature. When my sister, Kari, came to visit last year, Continue reading National Treasures – The 50 Córdoba Bill

Why did the chickens cross the road?


They didn’t! And thank goodness as this happens to be one of the busiest highways in Nicaragua with cars and motorcycles constantly speeding past.  The real question is why are their chickens wandering around the city of Managua? #TodoEsPosibleEnNicaragua

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